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EA Ran Out of Time to Bring Tiger Woods to Kinect

Posted by James Newton

Lack of wood didn't help

While EA's next golf game, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters is heading to PlayStation Move and Wii, the Xbox 360 version won't be supporting Microsoft's motion-controller gadget. According to EA Sports top dog Peter Moore, it's not due to a lack of effort, just a lack of time.

The team basically ran out of time from a development perspective. We were looking at how we could integrate the technology that is Kinect, which is obviously doing very well, and put it into a game that requires you to hold something to have that real element of integration and authenticity.

It likely didn't help that this year's Tiger outing is launching months before its usual Autumn release, but at least we know the company investigated a hands-free approach to golf, so we could yet see Tiger come to Kinect in future instalments.


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Crunc said:

I'm wondering if they're going to have a problem using kinect since you are sideways to the cameras. I know it's 3D, but it still seems like it isn't ideal for tracking your swing. Or is this not correct?



jaxim said:

Judging from one of their other mult-platform titles (EA Sports Active 2) that seems to have been rushed to make it Kinect-capable, it's probably a good thing that they didn't release a Kinect version of the Tiger Woods game.

My bad experience with EA Sports Active 2 has sworn me off any games that are NOT made specifically for the Kinect. If the other gaming platforms (Wii, PS3) have the game, then I'm not even going to touch the Kinect version of the game.

If you're going to create a Kinect game, then you have to really commit to the technology completely and not go half-way in order to sell more games on other platforms.



mastodona said:

To the comment above what dont you like about EA active 2? I've just done a workout and was literally dripping with sweat and out of breath..and I'm not exactly unfit or overweight. It does what it says on the tin and is easily the best fitness game yet in terms of actually working you has a few minor issues but once you turn voice recognition off (when will they fix that jukebox issue?!) and start working out its great. it got 9/10 in official xbox mag too i think, making it the highest rated kinect game so far!

Back on topic, I really do hope we get a golf game for kinect but its not going to be for a long time I guess!



jaxim said:

@soaduk yes, you get a good workout from EASA2, but for the amount that this game costs, I expected the game to be ore polished. The game seems to be still in beta.

For example, the game navigation is nearly impossible if you try using the kinect camera. You're forced to use the game controller to navigate the game. This is because the game was not designed for the kinect. It was designed for the Wii and then ported over to the Kinect after the fact.

Other things include the game having problems recognizing some movements: i.e. side lunges. My avatar very frequently floats in the air for some reason.

But overall, I expect a Kinect game to take full advantage of the kinect - especially for the price of this game. For example, it would have been nice of the game corrected your form, or if the game's trainer pushed you ,ore effectively. Instead the game's trainer provides canned responses as if the game can't see what you are doing.

Yes, the game is good and gives you a good workout. But I expected more. If the game comes down to $30US then this game is fine for not being Kinect-specific. Of course this is just my opinion, but it seems like many people feel the same in their reviews. For example, the game only gets 3/5 stars on



hrnyseany said:

Im with you jaxim, you know that straight away if you get a cross platform game, all using different technology to control it you are going to get a half finished project. I like yourself will not be purchasing any cross platform games for the kinect unless i can demo it first to ensure this is not the usual half hearted cross platform attempt.

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