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Dance Central and Kinect Sports Pass 1m Sold in US

Posted by James Newton

Software success

You only need to cast your eyes over our list of Kinect reviews to see that Dance Central and Kinect Sports sit proudly at the top in terms of quality, and that's certainly translated into sales as the games have both sold over 1 million copies since going on sale in November.

Both titles have performed well elsewhere too, rising up the UK charts recently after the sensor's solid Christmas performance.

If you haven't bought either of these games yet, be sure to read our Kinect Sports review and, for the more rhythmically-minded among you, our Dance Central review too.


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I s'pose that's good because they are sensible purchases. However, they are 2 of only a handful of good games on the system. We need better overall quality.



hrnyseany said:

To be honest i have 5 games for the kinect at the minute , Adventures,sonic free riders,yourshape fitness,sports and dance central. Now by the time i have actually gone through all of these and finished with em i imagine by that time a lot more of the upcoming games would have been released giving more variety and everyone knows as time goes on developers get more into grips with the technology so overall quality will improve. I am really impressed by the kinect so far, it has somehow kept me off Call of Duty Black Ops so that says something! Just give it a chance it has only just begun two months ago

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