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Throw Away Your Remotes and Control Your TV with Kinect

Posted by James Newton

Take charge of Hulu too

In the home of the future we'll all be able to control our electronic devices with our gestures and voices, but it may come sooner than expected if the wave of Kinect hacks continues at its current pace. We've seen it controlling everything from remote-controlled cars to giant pianos, and now you can use it to control Hulu and live TV.

Navigation is done with gestures and a quick push of the hand forward selects the required item, making channel-hopping a breeze. Yet another way for Kinect to make things easier for everyone.

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Madgame said:

I bought a Kinect and only one game gets played. The software lineup is sad. The hackers are researching and creating some really interesting stuff; I hope MS has some innovative titles they will announce soon.



Cannibal said:

Microsoft should rethink strategy a bit. There are a lot of people obviously wanting to do cool things with the Kinect. I say they should go the Apple route and open up an app store on live for everything that works with Kinect. Doesn't even have to be a game, just something that does something cool with the technology.



mastodona said:

I know I SHOULD find stuff like this interesting or cool but I just don't. it almost annoys me that there's more news about totally irrelevant hacks than news about things I can actually do or play with kinect. This is in no way an attack against this great website, more a general rant due to a lack of exciting games lined up. but then the Wii started life like this, let's hope for a great new wave of games in 2011, that is afterall why we bought kinect and found this website, not to control a tv or toy car!
All said do keep up the great work on this site, I just had to get that off my chest!



ArtificialIdiot said:

See, I don't think the hacks are irrelevant at all. They're a nice glance into the future and what software developers can achieve with the Kinect in the future. Having seen the Da Vinci hack I'm really interested to see an art or gravity based game, something like Okami on Kinect. The giant piano could have a great application in music games. etc, etc. I'm hoping developers really look at what people are doing and both match and exceed them. The software line up right now is kinda sad, but the hacks give me hope that won't be the case for long.



James said:

I think the hacks are interesting but I certainly would rather be writing about great games coming out. Obviously bear in mind that at the moment most publishers/developers are on Christmas break so there won't be much game-related news for a week or two yet. It'll happen though!



mastodona said:

Just to reiterate I think this site is great my comment was in no way directed at you. The thing about the hacks that I find off-putting is that most hacks don't have much or any relevance to games...they're mainly about using kinect for things it was mot made for, controlling cars or helicopters etc, and now tv's. Heck I'm reading more about kinect and pc games than xbox. Whilst I obviously appreciate peoples skill in doing this I don't see how any of it is positive for us normal xbox playing owners.
Anyway keep up the great work! I think kinect has massive potential and I love the games I have so far I just hope kinect gets enough 3rd party software to live up to the massive potential it has I dont think we've scratched the surface so far!



James said:

I know you weren't having a dig, don't worry Like I say, I also wish we had more Kinect games to talk about, but it's still early days.

Glad you're enjoying the site and your Kinect!




The lag issues would have to improved considerablysurely?. I was watching Dragon's Den late last year and a wiimote like wand controller was patented for controlling several devices in the home. Lights, curtains, tv, etc etc. I had no buttons it was through gesturing. It was surprisingly accurate. The businessmen dragons all clambered to make offers. So if this worked, it would be great...but the tech needs to be improved.

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