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Out Today: Your Shape: Fitness Evolved DLC

Posted by James Newton

More bang for your buns

Your Shape: Fitness Evolved's range of available exercises got its first boost today, as Ubisoft launched the first round of DLC in the form of two new programmes.

Today Ubisoft is launching two new programs for Your Shape Fitness Evolved including:

· The “Toned Body Program”, to strengthen all your muscles and get a firmer body.
· “Cardio Boxing Platinum”, a new advanced level of the Cardio-Boxing class.

All of these extra workouts and programs will be offered individually or in bundle packages. In the first half of the calendar year, over 12 new pieces of add-on content for Your Shape Fitness Evolved will be released on Xbox Live. Pricing will range from 320 to 560 Microsoft points.

Will you be picking up these new workouts?

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Gizmo2k said:

Oft, charging for 2 new routines, and 320points at that. Think I'll hold off, Using Uplay points unlocked a cardio killer routine (28mins) so I'll work my way towards that rather than spunking points (money) on another boxing routine.

Shame. Was looking forward to it.



arturo587 said:

LISTEN ... kinect people... if you really want to be succesfull with kinect, I think you should unlock better games for the kinect because right now... there are not so many options for kinect games... and "your competition" right now is totally dominating in games... if you get out games that people are familiar with...they will buy it!!! and kinect would be on the lead with NO DOUGHT!!! I suggest you get games like Avarat the Last Airbender imagine being able to do all those bending moves exactly like characters in the film... you would totally feel in the game and you will feel like being one of the characters... all you have to do is match the moves that the characters do... to make it a SUPER REAL EXPERIANCE!



Gizmo2k said:

Shame there isn't a spellchecker, or content checker. No relevance at all to the article.



travellingcadbury said:

I got the bundle - Get Toned + Cardio Kickboxing. I did the Bronze Cardio Kickboxing workout this morning. It seems allright so far, hopefully as I unlock newer levels the intensity improves.



James said:

Hi @arturo587, thanks for joining KINECTaku. I love your enthusiasm for Kinect and its future, but I would just like to point out that we're not Microsoft, we're a journalistic site covering Kinect news and reviews so we won't be creating any Avarat games. Sorry!

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