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Kinect Can Cover Your Modesty in a Range of Fashionable Styles

Posted by James Newton

Bras, CDs and more

You've probably heard – or even been the subject of – stories in which people play Kinect, get a little sweaty and decide to disrobe, unaware of the camera's keen interest in recording such embarrassing moments for ever. What if there were a way to superimpose modesty-saving clothing onto your body? Well, there's a Kinect hack for that.

Dan Wilcox's canny Kinect code tracks the most likely position of the player's breasts, and covers them up with an overlay of a bra, CDs or "pasties" (note to our British readers: we do not mean the savouries.) It even plays some suitably suggestive music once breasts have been detected, paving the way for a whole new artform: Kinect striptease.


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Magi said:

Sweet! Kinect Striptease Training. I'm down with a preorder.

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