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Let's Kinect Takes Motion Gaming Out of the Home, Into Arcades

Posted by James Newton

Kinect goes mobile

You might struggle to have enough room to play Kinect Sports comfortably in your own home, but soon you might not have that issue if a local arcade, shopping mall or other wide open space decides to pick up a Let's Kinect arcade cabinet.

Containing an Xbox 360 and Kinect in a custom cabinet, the machine plays standard retail games for as long as the arcade operator wants as it also contains a built-in timer. It's not an official Microsoft product however, so operators wanting to pick one up will also need to pay licensing costs to keep the game on show.

How much is the cabinet itself? An absolute steal at just $4,300, including a six month license for public play. Still, it looks cool.


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Dazza said:

That's a great idea actually, I think Kinect has to be experienced to be appreciated so this is a clever way to get people using it for the first time!



Damo said:

Good idea, but that cabinet is like some design nightmare from the mid '90s. Urgh!



Token_Girl said:

Great advertising if they put these up at Chuck e Cheeses and Dave and Busters or even shopping mall common areas in the run up to xmas.



ajfromuk said:

These would be a great idea and the price is a bargain when compared to other arcade games. Microsoft, I think, are really set to make a killing with technology... the patent applications would be fun to see :D

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