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Kinect Lets Mario Make Some Moves on PC

Posted by Rich Gibbons

You are the world's most famous plumber!

Even among his years of hanging with talking toadstools, climbing around pipes and finding that Princesses aren't in the castle he originally expected, Mario has always been at the front of technological innovation. First widely popular home console = Check. First movie based on a computer game = Check. First NES character controlled by a human body = Check

That's right, Microsoft's new £130 Xbox add-on has once again been re-appropriated by the world's hackers, this time to control Super Mario Bros. on the PC. An NES game running on a PC being controlled by an Xbox peripheral; things don't get much more geek awesome than that.

Hackers have been putting Kinect to all kinds of inventive uses since the OpenKinect drivers were made available shortly after release, and this might be even more of a workout than Dance Central.

Would you go for a Kinect-controlled platformer like this?

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SpentAllMyTokens said:

Looks like this is one game better left to the more traditional "d-pad plus two buttons" setup. I think you could do a platforming type game with Kinect, but it would be hard to create one with the precision Mario requires. Heck, even NSMB Wii relies on buttons, not motion control.



Capt_N said:

I agree w/ Token Girl, but I think that kind of precision will be available on motion/movement-based systems eventually, given technology, & programmers smart enough to allow for a customizable sensitivity control, in regards/relation to on-screen movement, & the real-movement required to make the on-screen/in-game movement. Also, that emulator needs to have it's sound syncing tweaked.

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