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Kinect Joy Ride's Shameful Auto-Steering Secret Outed

Posted by James Newton

Game doesn't just handle gas and brake

If you've had a go on Kinect Joy Ride you might have found its handling a little fidgety; we certainly did, as our Kinect Joy Ride review explains. One gamer has had a smart idea though: instead of fighting with the steering, why not just let the game play itself? The results are shocking.

Whilst we know that the game handles the acceleration and braking parts of driving, we never suspected it had this much control over the steering aspect too. Not moving at all and still being able to finish third makes a mockery of what Kinect is all about, as well as making us feel embarrassed for our driving skills as we rarely performed that well.

How do you feel about this revelation?

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Dazza said:

Oh dear, that is a bit embarrassing! There is no question that the Kinect is a fantastic bit of tech, with great potential... but games such as this do not help it's cause.

I'm all for pushing the boundaries beyond virtual pets, fitness trainers and party & dancing games but this didn't impress me much at all. If you're not really in control then what is the point?



King_Boo said:

that's a first, an on-rails racer, next to come kinect train conductor, I hope you like to fake shovel coal.



Damo said:

It's a shame that this has come to light as I can't seen any valid reason why they'd put auto-steering in there. The tech works, so why include it? This is going to cause bad press for the system in the long run.

Kinect has bags of potential - just look at what hackers have managed to achieve in a relatively short space of time - so it's criminal that events like this are undermining all the good work. I'm sure hardcore gamers will use this as a stick to beat Kinect with, but I believe that by next year, the critics will be silenced.



Magi said:

Is this an option that can be turned off in the game settings like in Forza 3?



James said:

@Magi Nope, there's nothing like that in there that I've ever found. Shameful stuff really!



Token_Girl said:

The other question would be does this game have difficulty levels and does this type of "auto steering" only happen in the easy level? Although, honestly, without anything to hold, it could be really difficult to get one's hands to move exactly in unison without a physical wheel to hold onto and difficult for the sensor to interpret what one wanted to do when they don't? Maybe something like this is necessary to make it reasonable to play at all. (of course, in that case, what's the point?)

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