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Japanese Xbox 360 Sales Triple Thanks to Kinect

Posted by James Newton

"What's 3 x 0?" you ask

Despite most Japanese gamers having to play Kinect in tiny apartments like this, the sensor's launch has still helped Microsoft to shift more hardware than the previous week: three times more, in fact.

Of course, a 200% sales increase isn't likely to bring with it incredible sales figures, the machine shifting 7,083 units across the country in a week. Kinect was only on sale for two of those days however, so perhaps we could see another rise in hardware sales next week.

So far this year, 360 has sold 187,292 units across Japan, lagging behind other consoles by over one million sales this year alone. Microsoft has a lot of catching up to do out there.


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kobotch said:

I hope Microsoft will make more ads in Japan. Most of Japanese people don't know much about Kinect.



Ria said:

Maybe this is just my stereotype, but I imagine the Japanese are used to this kind of awesome technology. Maybe they're collectively yawning, lol.

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