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Rumour: Kinect Adventures Disc Loaded with Demos

Posted by James Newton

Try out new titles with pack-in game

Everybody who buys Kinect will get Kinect Adventures, but there might be a hidden surprise in the game as well, with current rumours pointing to the disc containing three playable demos.

Short bursts of Dance Central, Kinect Joy Ride and Your Shape: Fitness Evolved are all apparently featured on the DVD, something we'll be able to verify in a few days' time.

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Raylax said:

Yay, demos. This actually looks pretty fun, especially the space level.



CanisWolfred said:

Demoes are always a good thing, especially in a pack-in game. Gives the game a little extra life, especially if you get the Xbox with no Hard drive.



ivanmor said:

I can confirm this "Rumor" !! If you put the Kinect disk in (turn off the autorun or you have to back out..) with the disk in, go into the Games Library then move over to All Games... within a few seconds, you will see a demo for Dance Central, Your Shape and Kinect Joy Ride! I found the demos one night, then they were gone!! Determined to find them again I realized this Kinect Adventures disk in fact is full of 3 find gems that really show off the abilities of the Kinect Sensor!





SagaciousTien said:

The demos can be found on the main screen. When you start the game, after calibration, instead of holding your hand in the middle to get to the main menu, hold it slightly to the left and below. There is an option to play demos. The game will then tell you that you are leaving Kinect Adventures - accept this. There will then be the 3 box covers of the above games: Dance Central, Kinect Joy Ride and Your Shape: Fitness Evolved. Just hold your hand on the one you want, and you can play the demo. All of the demos work fine, and when you choose to leave one, (exit demo), the game returns to Kinect Adventures main screen.

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