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Kinectimals Special Edition the Start of a Collectable Plush Craze

Posted by James Newton

Toys unlock in-game animals

Frontier's upcoming Kinectimals is looking as cute as a button, but its special edition is ramping up the adorable factor to dangerous levels.

UK gamers will be able to pick up a limited edition boxed set containing a Maltese tiger soft toy, but it's more than just a soft playmate. Using Kinect to scan a tag on the plush will unlock the animal to use in-game, with other collectable toys promised – Toys 'R' Us in the States is stocking a king cheetah edition, for example.

With Kinectimals limited edition plush toys, you can unlock even more furry friends to play with. Scan the tag with Kinect and then watch it come to life on screen right before your eyes. And each one unlocks new accessories, too. With your very own plush pet, you can keep your new friend with you even you’re away from your Xbox 360.

Microsoft has tried similar ideas in the past, with Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise making use of the Live Vision camera to scan cards in order to unlock items, but hopefully the Kinectimals promotion can make better use of the technology.

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