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Full body puzzle action game, "Leedmees" for Kinect, is a unique puzzle game that utilizes your brain and body!

Your body is part of the stage. Use your whole body to work the contraptions while you lead the Leedmees to the goal! Featuring fantastic visuals and sounds which add flavor to the gameplay.

In Multiplayer Mode, cooperate with your friend or family member to lead the Leedmees to the goal. Flex your bodies and brains to challenge the stages and strengthen the bond between yourselves! For those love birds out there, this will surely bring you even closer together!

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Posted by Tony Hall

Follow that body

Leedmees can be compared in many ways to the classic puzzle game Lemmings. Your objective is to transport miniature beings from an entrance on one side of the map to an exit on the other. While Lemmings relied on clever positioning of ladders and digging...

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