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News: EA Ties Up FIFA Licence

EA Ties Up FIFA Licence

Nine more years.

Following on from yesterday's unsurprising news that EA's FIFA 14 will more than likely be making the jump to Xbox 720, the company have announced that they've tied up that FIFA licence for just a little bit longer. And by "a little bit longer", we mean "until 2022." Under the terms of the new agreement, EA Sports continues to...

News: FIFA 13 Soundtrack Confirmed

FIFA 13 Soundtrack Confirmed

Demo details announced, too.

The juggernaut that is FIFA 13 is almost upon us, and EA Sports are continuing to drip-feed information our way in order to jack that hype machine up to 11. Today, they've confirmed exactly which tracks will be playing in the background as you navigate your way through the menu system, manage your Ultimate Team, and...

Gamescom: FIFA 13 Demo Dated, New Mode Detailed

FIFA 13 Demo Dated, New Mode Detailed

EA attempts to blur the lines.

At EA's Gamescom press conference today, FIFA 13 information was up for grabs. Executive Producer David Rutter outlined a whole new mode in the form of "Match Day", which draws on real life data in order to attempt to replicate some of the experiences that will occur throughout the course of the real football season...

News: EA Sports to Bring Kinect to More Titles

EA Sports to Bring Kinect to More Titles

EA Sports Boss Sees Opportunities

We're super-pumped to see the likes of FIFA 13 and Madden NFL 13 appear on our release schedule complete with Kinect support, but EA Sports aren't about to stop there, according to an interview published by MCV this morning. Andrew Wilson, the big boss at EA Sports suggested that using voice commands are "as big an...

News: Mexican Wave of FIFA 13 Screenshots Arrives

Mexican Wave of FIFA 13 Screenshots Arrives

Shows skills games, career mode, and more...

This may well be the second FIFA 13 update in as many days, but boy, we're excited for this one! EA Sports have released a batch of new screenshots showing some of the new additions to the game. Skill challenges are the order of the day, with the images showing a crossing minigame, games involving...

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