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EA SPORTS Active 2 with Total Body Tracking includes the innovative EA SPORTS Active heart rate monitor that provides constant on-screen monitoring, allowing users to capture intensity and optimize performance over time.

Using the full body motion tracking ability of Microsoft's Kinect sensor, EA SPORTS Active 2 will provide users complete freedom of motion. Users will also be able to track and share their workout data online through automatic uploading from their online connected console to their personalized EA SPORTS Active profile. EA SPORTS Active 2 with Kinect will make working out simple, fun and effective wherever you are.

Exercising with video games has become all the rage in recent years, but if you're serious about your health EA Sports Active 2 is the most fit for purpose. Using the latest motion sensing technology, this new version of the best-selling fitness program comes complete with new leg and arm straps and a heart monitor to track every element of your workout.

For the first time you can even share your workout data via the online hub and check to see how your progress compares to friends and family. You can swap tips, become part of a regular workout group and swap messages to help you stay motivated.

In the workouts themselves you can take advantage of a new three-part, nine week program or customise your own regime using more than 70 individual exercises. Whatever your needs you can be sure this is the healthiest video game you've ever played.

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Posted by James Newton

Fitness with a little slickness

This is the first time since Kinect’s launch we’ve had to say this, but when playing EA Sports Active 2, you’ll need a controller in your hand. Not to engage in any of the 70 exercises, which are all operated completely controller-free, but rather...

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Placebo said:

Horrifically buggy, pressure needs putting on EA to fix this considering how much it costs, half the time I launch it and it doesn't even make it to the menu and the same is reported by countless people on the EA forums.

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